On the Path to Personal Power?

A Gift of Prosperity to Make
for the Holiday Season

a prosperity talisman

reprinted from LLewellyn's 1996 Magical Almanac

by Edain MCCoy,

Make your friends and family a prosperity talisman as a gift this holiday season. A terrific family project!

The most powerful magic comes from items which are crafted with care by the hands of the Witch or magician. You can easily make a prosperity talisman to give away by using items in your own backyard, or with old coins from the bottom of your change purse. Anything which speaks to you of prosperity is appropriate. You will also need a single dollar bill (whether it's real or not is up to you), a 3 1/2" x 5" rectangle of posterboard, a pen, a pair of scissors, and some decorative items like glitter or paint.

Leaving the four corners of the card (posterboard) blank, decorate the rest of the face with glitter, ribbons, magical symbols, herbs, or any other items linked with the attributes of prosperity. Next, take the dollar bill and cut off the four corners. Glue the bill's triangular corners to the four corners of your card. This is sympathetic magic - one must have money to attract money. Then either on the back of the card, or on a separate piece of paper, write out these instructions for using the talisman:

This is a talisman of prosperity. Place it where you will see it every day, preferably in a bedroom.

At least once a day hold it to your heart and spend several minutes reciting the chant: talisman of prosperity, All good things come to me.

Notice the magic begin.

Be sure to strongly visualize the success of the talisman as you are constructing it.

When blessed with your good wishes, decorated and wrapped, this simple talisman becomes a cherished and functional gift.

May all your ventures be prosperous and many blessings abound in your life!

Note: We suggest that you glue some coins to the talisman, especially if you are not using a real dollar bill, and that you include in your instructions a wish for some specific form of prosperity for the recipient - eg, wishing you all the best and especially that new car you've been wishing for!

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