On the Path to Personal Power?

The Unstoppable Power of Your Emotions

By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

reprinted with permission


In tapping into your natural genius, there are many aspects of "genius" to consider. Probably the least understood expression of the human mind is our emotional intelligence.

An emotion is the end result of a feeling. And although it's easy enough to recognize when you're "feeling" something - it often less clear just what a "feeling" really is.

According to Webster's Dictionary, a feeling is "a partly mental, partly physical, response marked by pleasure, pain, attraction, or repulsion." 

But this says nothing about the response to the feeling!

Suppose two different men buy a used car.  They then both have a similar experience -- the muffler falls off two days later.

Both men obviously "feel" upset.

One expresses that feeling as an intense emotion -- an outbreak of anger and rage.  The other man also expresses his feeling as an intense emotion - an iron determination to resolve the problem with the car dealer.

**What are Emotions?

So what are "emotions?"

Emotions are how you *respond* to a feeling of pain, pleasure, attraction or repulsion.

Basically your emotions are physiologically-based responses to your feelings. But these physiological responses are NOT the same from one person to the next. Your emotional responses are actually as unique as your fingerprints!

Emotional responses vary from one person to the next because they are actually *learned responses.*

No man comes into life feeling internal rage if someone notices his unusually large nose. His rage may well date back to age seven when he first entered school - and was teased beyond his capacity to endure!

But perhaps he was small for his age. The "feeling" of rage was there, but his safest emotional expression was to seem indifferent. As an adult, this may evolve into a "biting sarcasm" toward anyone seen as a potential emotional threat!

So you can see -- it's in the learned *responses* to our feelings that people differ.

**How Emotions Impact Your Success

Most of today's psychologists and success mentors are convinced that one's "emotional intelligence," or EQ, is a far better predictor of life success than one's "rational intelligence," or IQ.

We've all known really bright folks who aren't living up to their potential. This is not to make them wrong! It's just that success is not their "passion."

But how many "passionate" people do you know who aren't living up to their potential - or at least stretching out toward it?

"So what do I really mean by passion?" you ask.

In terms of life success -- passion is an *intense* emotion directed at achieving something that is either desired, or unwanted. For example: A passionate desire to escape poverty - or a passionate desire to achieve financial independence.

Note that the goal to "escape" poverty, and the goal to attain "financial independence," both seem to be directed at the same end result.

But are they truly the same?

**How the "Law of Attraction" Works

Both neuroscientists and behavioral scientists have clearly demonstrated that when you have a strong emotion about something -- you physically strengthen the neural pathways dedicated to that "thing."

This is likely the neurological basis of what metaphysical writers have for ages referred to as "the Law of Attraction."

The modern scientific version of this ancient law may be stated:  You "attract" what you intensely focus your emotion on -- as in doing so, you build strong neural networks directly related to that something.

Here's a sample scenario. Suppose you're buying a Ford Pinto automobile. You select what you feel is the most exciting and unique color for the Pinto - deep red. But when you hit the road with your new red Pinto, you suddenly see one after another of the exact same model - also red.

You'd never before noticed that red is actually the most common color for the Ford Pinto!

What happened is that your new red Pinto has created a dynamic neural awareness. Your neurons have been sensitized to notice similar cars because of your excitement (intense emotion) about *your* new car!

Did you "attract" these red cars?

Most likely not! But you certainly are now very aware of their presence.

**The Power of Positive Emotions

Back to our comparison of the goal to "escape" poverty - vs the goal to attain "financial independence."

Although both goals look toward the same end result -- they deal with quite different emotions. The desire to escape poverty is fueled by fear, while the desire to attain financial freedom is fueled by positive attraction.

While both could possibly take you to the same end goal - the "Law of Attraction" predicts quite a different experience along the path leading toward the goal.

If you build neural pathways based on doubt and fear, you will sensitize yourself to events or conditions that might relate to your fears and self-doubt.

What if you instead build neural pathways based on strong feelings of self-confidence and anticipation?

You will then find yourself recognizing opportunities leading to your goal --  just as you suddenly noticed all those red Pintos.

What you focus intense emotion upon tends to "attract your attention" to more of the same. This law is neither negative nor positive. It just is!

By far the best way to approach your life goals is with positive, passionate desire. Discover your passion - what you *really* want - and pour your emotions into your pursuit!

Focus your emotions on a problem and give into your fears, and what you fear gains actual neural strength. Focus your emotions on achieving a positive goal in your life, and it will gain strength. Period!

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© 2005 All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission

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