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If you want a more magical life, Merlin has a message for YOU!

Hi friends in cyber space~

If I were to tell you that you can live the life of your dreams, would you say: "it's a come-on, there's gotta be a gimmick or catch, it's a scam, that nothing comes to you without hard work, yeah right, are you out of your mind, or that it is to good to be true" and a million other reasons why you could not believe this to be true?

It is true! Perhaps you have been asking like I did, what is the purpose of this life experience? Why do I have things I don't want, or don't have the things I want?

Well for starters, when you say you don't have something you are sending a signal that says to the Universe that you don't have it, and what you say is so very powerfully true, and it comes true even though it may not be your truth. I am not talking philosophy here friends. I am talking about simple physics. What goes up must come down, and what goes out must come back.

You see...what you see in your mind creates feelings, and those feelings send an emotional frequency signal; that signal goes out through you, and magnetically pulls to you things that match your signal... because of the most powerful Law in the Universe -- the Law Of Attraction.

What you put out through the thoughts you think echoes and reverberates back to the sender, much like a radio signal!

Your mind is literally a transmitting and receiving mechanism. You can only receive the frequency that you are tuned into by Law of Attraction. When you are tuned into a thought you emit a signal or frequency, and that is what you receive as experience -- just like a radio signal.

Remember, it all starts within as a broadcasting signal sent out from within you, and then returns to you, the sender.

When we don't like a song on the radio we change the station without even thinking about it twice, but when it comes to our thoughts we often leave them right where they are, even though they are not sweet music to our ears. Why do we do that? Simply because we have done it so many times before, that we automatically tap into those thoughts without even knowing it. That is why we don't receive what we want -- because it defies the Laws of Physics to receive anything other than where we set the dial.

You can want a certain station for an eternity, but you simply can't receive it until you tune into it. It is crazy making to do otherwise. You do not receive things so that you can feel good, you have to feel good so that you can receive things.

It doesn't happen the other way around, although most people want things to come to them so they can be happier.

In order for things to come to you that "make" you feel happy, you must first find the feeling of happiness, by imagining that you already have those things. This is why we get so frustrated in life, completely understandably!

With a little practice you can tune into thoughts that are sweet music to your ears, and begin to see a world of wonder and magic unfold!

What I am proposing to you is to change or switch the station that is broadcasting in your mind if it does not make you feel fine. When you do this you will begin to see more of your dreams and desires come true.

"Life is a creative and cocreative adventure. Let us play"!

Marelin the Magician. Copyright © 1999 Serious Comedy Publications If you want to understand more of this simple physics, it is all offered in a handbook for creating your own Camelot and mastering the craft of creator, entitled "Merlin's Message," by Marelin the Magician. http://www.wizardwonderland.com/

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