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The New Prosperity

by Christopher

Many of us are walking around in shock these days. We are dazed when we open our monthly statements to check the state of our financial affairs, only to find that they continually worsen. The world economy is melting before our very eyes. More and more houses are being foreclosed on; neighborhoods are filled with empty houses instead of children at play. Why? One word and that word is greed . Loose credit and bad loans created a system that could not sustain itself. It was one big Ponzi scheme. A man named Madoff, that's an interesting name, if you think about it (Madoff = made off), made off with $50 billion! His little scam sets the tone for what has happened. We need a new prosperity, one that we, the people, can control and manage.

How do we do this? We go back to the basics. Not only will factories and assembly plants have to re-tool; we all will have to re-tool our own lives. Now is the time that we should work together at the grass roots level. We need to re-think our economic paradigm.

We need to distinguish between what we need and what we just want. We do not need a new car every two years. We do not need five credit cards in our wallet. We do not need hundreds of channels on cable. It is time to redirect our money by way of our spending habits. We can shop at thrift stores where surprising treasures can be found. We can form a food co-op and buy food in bulk. We can plant gardens and grow our fruits and vegetables and preserve them when they ripen. Whole neighborhoods can plant community gardens and share in the harvest. This works in cities, too, where vacant lots make great gardens. We can bring back the Victory Gardens of past war-torn years. Flea markets are a place to shop and socialize. Farmers' markets are a source of fresh, local produce. We might even find ourselves talking with our neighbors more and interacting more with one another. A true sense of community can replace the fear that has been so disabling for so many. This should be the new prosperity.

Prosperity begins at home. We need to build a new prosperity from the ground up. Our economy has failed because it was from the top down. It has been run by the fat cats on Wall St. , those who have had no concern for the people on Main St . A new prosperity can include the trading of goods and services, eliminating the exchange of money. Instead of a doctor or lawyer charging money for their services, trade could come into play. Whether you are a mechanic, hairdresser, or plumber, you can trade your services with others and both sides win. This alone would create a new economy that is not involved with banks and bankers.

The governments and banks of the world are not going to fix things for us. They are the ones that got us into this mess. We have to fix it ourselves. It is up to us to think in a positive way. The present crisis is an opportunity for us all. We can reclaim our lives and redirect our energy and thoughts. All of us working together can create a new prosperity.

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