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Money Magic

By Cate Cavanagh

There has always been an interest in money spells. In this economy interest is at a peak. Before doing money magic the topic of expectation needs to be discussed. When one does a money spell how will it manifest. Money spells can manifest in various ways. You may suddenly find you over paid a bill and will therefore have a credit for several months. If unemployed or in need of other types of supportive services that have been delayed, you can find a quicker resolution than expected. Another might be a repayment of a loan you made a friend that suddenly arrives in the mailbox. So, having a reality check on how money spells work here are some easy spells that can be of some help.

One very simple thing is grow a parsley plant on your front window. I know people that have done this and although they lost jobs over and over again, jobs quickly became available to fill the void.

Candle magic for money also works. The preferred color of the 7 day candle in glass is green. If you cannot find a green one a white one will do. Etch a symbol that for you represents money. Rub the candle down with honey and then use red glitter to fill the symbol. Red is the color of fire and of the south element. When working with fire in way, work is expedited. Around the base of the candle, going from left to right, sprinkle the following herbs which you may have in your kitchen or that you can buy at the spice section of your grocer: basil, cinnamon, parsley, poultry seasoning (which has parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.) Also sprinkle salt around the base of the candle so it “catches” the blockages. If the inside of the glass burns sooty you have to redo this until it burns clear.

If using a white candle, pour intent into the candle. Visualize it green and spirit-wise you have magically changed the color of the white candle. Then do as above.

Pray to the angel of finances-Anael ask to be blessed with money to solve your money problems.

To remove negative energies that are preventing money from coming in sprinkle salt around your house making sure you you sprinkle some in the corners of your house and on the window sills. Focus and tell these entities to get out and leave! Also line the bottom of all doorways. Leave the salt down for 24 hours before sweeping. You must sweep, not vacuum. Sweep forcefully and out the doorways.

Another spell is to take a silver coin and go to a very large tree. Talk to the tree and explain your needs. Bury the coin and leave an offering of cornmeal, coffee or sugar.

These are some very ways to create improvements in finances. Keep us posted! Cate

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