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Practical Magic

action powered by focused intent makes magic

The best explanations of the type of Practical Magic that Global Psychics promotes comes from two of our favourite books on the subject: Natural Magic (ISBN 0919345808) by Doreen Valiente and Positive Magic (ISBN 0960412875) by Marion Weinstein.

Natural magic

Practical Magic - Natural, Positive, Self-Help

From Natural Magic
by Doreen Valiente

Magic is meant to help people, including yourself.

Magic, indeed, is all around us, in stones, flowers, stars, the dawn wind, and the sunset cloud; all we need is the ability to see and understand. We do not need to join high-sounding 'secret' fraternities, swear frightful oaths and pay fees, in order to become magicians. Very few fraternities are genuinely old and still fewer have any real secrets to impart. Still less do we need to buy a load of expensive paraphernalia, such as ceremonial swords, wands and so on, which can be seen advertised for sale today.

Many of the old books called grimoires, secretly handed down through the centuries, tell their readers of most elaborate requirements for the rites of magic. They describe consecrated swords, wands, pentacles and so on, together with rare incenses and other strange formulae. But the greatest adepts in the magical arts have also made it clear that all these things are but the outward trappings. The real magic is in the human mind. Doreen Valiente, Natural Magic (ISBN 0919345808)

Natural magic

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Natural magic

From Positive Magic
by Marion Weinstein.

Today, many sensible people are experimenting with self-help techniques far more weird than I have ever written about. And scientists are exploring telepathy, telekinesis, precognitive dreams, the 'nonrational' parts of the brain - psychic phenomena of all kinds. Witches and occultists have studied, understood, and used effectively these very phenomena for centuries. These methods have always proved most practical when applied to self-help, self-realization, and understanding. Of course, occult and magical work extends into unusual and specialized areas. But this kind of work (positive magic) also is used, and has been used, in daily life.

Times change. The test of any self-help philosophy or technique is: Will it apply to me? In my own life? Now? It’s one thing to use magic for helping the crops grow and to keep away the evil spirits of the village. But what about the needs of a more urban and introspective culture? I believe that the work of magic translates very well. It has a built in ability to change with the people and with the times, never losing its essence. Many cultures other than our own know this, and in most areas of our planet magic is alive and well. It is part of the folk heritage. Today, in the west, we might equate magic with superstition, and search far afield for meaningful ways to deal with the unknown. But let’s not overlook the rich tradition which exists right in our own backyard.

Bad press to the contrary, the traditional role of witch in the olden times was that of a village helper. The witch supplied herbs and remedies, psychic protection and various specialized means of all that seemed frightening, dark, and unknown. The occult and witchcraft philosophies still have many remedies for us which translate effectively to suit modern needs. Today we are a global village, and we live in a do it yourself culture. So today, being a village helper means showing you how to do it yourself, whomever, and wherever you are.

I am referring of course, to positive magic, or magic for good. A lot of people may still believe that magic is used mainly for harm. Many people suspected that the telephone was the devils work - at first anyway. Then there may be people who think the whole idea of magic is preposterous. Let’s bear in mind that a lot of people laughed at the first airplanes too.

Even if you are already a witch or occultist, or otherwise believe in magic, it may be a new idea for you to apply such work in practical everyday ways. But isn’t that how it all began anyway - as a functioning part of everyday life? Marion Weinstein, Positive Magic Occult Self-Help (ISBN 0960412875)

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