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"It is necessary to own and honor the child who we were in order to Love the person we are. And the only way to do that is to own that child's experiences, honor that child's feelings, and release the emotional grief energy that we are still carrying around." Robert Burney

"All the inner child requires, is to be heard .. to be liberated from under layers of conditioning .. which you (the adult) may or may not be conscious of. Conditioning comes from sources seen and unseen .. it has been passed down, generation after generation - and awakened from the moment of your conception in your mother's womb".healing and the Inner Child

by Danielle

I've found myself addressing inner child issues with so many of my clients, that I felt it was time to write about the relevance of connecting with, releasing and healing our inner child... To develop your psychic abilities, it is essential to know the inner you, and this includes knowing what triggers your inner child. This is necessary, not only so you can keep yourself clear and your inner motivations out of any messages you receive, but also so you can help others to see and remove any obstacles that might be in the way of their success in life.

Here's my story and also some insights on what you can do to help your inner child to decide to co-operate with your plans.... Too often this little person within you is having a temper tantrum because s/he hasn't been heard - and without your realizing it, s/he is biting at your ankles, getting in the way of your success, whether in relationship or career. If you will attend to this personality within you, you will be amazed at how suddenly your vibrational frequency increases and life gets to be a lot more fun and exciting.

I walk when I am troubled, and this was an especially difficult transition in my life... so I was on the boardwalk that memorable afternoon, contemplating the changes that had overwhelmed me recently... As I walked, I felt a very strange sensation...as if a little girl me had overlaid my aura. I felt like I was wearing pigtails again, tied with blue ribbons...suddenly I felt a skip in my step... and then I heard my guide Isaiah's voice loud and clear: "Now you will remember the person you are." An odd statement, until I was reminded that I could barely remember much of my life before the age of 10. Minutes later, I was distracted from thoughts of the little girl me.

Until some weeks later.

I'd been given a wonderful gift - an extended week-end away, a rare opportunity to play at a friend's cottage. And I would be near some of my father's family, so I could also catch up with some long-lost relatives. On the drive to North Bay, a sign for Doe Lake caught my eye, then memories of being at Brownie camp at Doe Lake came flooding into my mind. I had passed that sign many times as an adult. It had always stirred "something" in me, a vague memory that I could never hang onto or shape... but that day, it all was very clear. I remembered how much I loved the campfires, the silly "rounds" we sang over and over again, and how beautiful we sounded under the stars. I remembered how the bigger girls looked out for me and how we layed in our bunks and talked until we couldn't stay awake any longer... I wondered at the memories, why these particular images had come clear when everything else from my childhood seemed so foggy and distant. When I caught up with my relatives, it all began to fit... this particular family had been very close to us when I as a 10 year-old Brownie. Seeing them again reminded me that those had been scary days in our family life... My father's drinking was completely out of control by then, and so was his temper. Brownie camp was the first time in my young life that I had felt really free of the stress at home - and also the place where I first experienced myself as an independent being, respected, accepted and loved by my friends and the camp leaders.

Thus began an awesome personal journey, and the healing of my inner child. For the next months, I often felt the child me overlay my aura... I'd be driving along and feel the pigtails form on my head, then some new/old memory would reappear, seemingly out of nowhere. One image kept repeating itself... me in pigtails and overalls, probably around 3 or 4 years old, withdrawn and hurt, angry... there seemed to be tears trickling down my face... in meditation, it came to me to invite this little girl to sit on my knee so I could hug her, and wipe away her tears... finally she was ready to talk with me about how scared she had been as a child and how troubled she/I was... she was confused, scared that she could never stop being afraid, that she was frozen back in time... such a strange experience, to hold yourself as a child, sobbing in your/her own arms - and strangely healing.

I promised her that day that I would take care of her, that we would grow up together, that I wouldn't let her down, that I would love her and help her get past the old hurts... Over the next months, this little girl took me back to life in the womb. She brought forth vivid memories that my mother and other family members could explain. Over the next years, I noticed that the little girl was growing up, her appearance changed and matured as she returned with new memories. Until finally I had a quite complete picture of myself as a child.

What is interesting about this story is that as I recovered my past and released the inner child within me, my adult life begain to sort itself out. Understanding brought acceptance, not only of myself, but of my parents and our family dynamics. My next brother joined me in the quest for insight. Together we learned that my father is a manic depressive - drinking had been his way of self-medicating until the Air Force stepped in and sent him for treatment.. Finally, our scary childhood began to make sense, we could release the anger we had held all of those years - and with it, the hurt, resentment and fear. For the first time in some 50 years I was able to lovingly embrace my father - the coldness I held in my heart towards him disappeared. I felt free.

At long last, the fog was lifting - my inner child was being heard, I felt the little girl in me begin to relax. SheI was bringing joy back into my life! The future began to look a lot brighter..

One of the messages that became obvious in this cycle was that my inner child needed to have some play in our life - she kept reminding me that we hadn't had enough fun in life, that I needed to laugh and bring the joyful child within me into the daylight. The little girl me wanted to express herself creatively, to play with colours and textures... and so we did.... I let her loose with my knitting and we started creating some beautiful - and very colourful garments. We got into crafts and played with floweres and ribbons. I bought a dog and learned to play with her. I created a lovely garden so my little girl could play in the dirt as much as she wanted.

Releasing my inner child through adult play has had a wondrous, lightening and enlightening impact on my life... and it all began with the first offer to help her heal and grow up.

Healing our inner child is an ongoing process. I recently found myself at the age of 17, recovering from my first spinal fusion... so now, I am working through the issues that I can see manifested then - and stunted my teen-aged growth in so many ways...

I think most of us have an inner child within us that is stuck somewhere back in time, stunting our growth in some specific areas... in my case, there was no particular trauma that caused the fog to fall over my childhood. It began building around me before I was born, the result of deep set insecurities within my mother, and then living with a deeply disturbed father. However, many adults are dealing with an inner child that has never recovered from some terrible trauma that occurred either to them or around them. They haven't made the connection between the issues and setbacks they are experiencing as adults to what happened to them as a child... until they go back and talk to this child, to help the child within heal... and release the child to play...to recover the joyous childish wonder that is within each of us...

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