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What's In Your Garden?

Planting seeds is more meaningful than you think...

I am always a little manic come spring, as I get my garden in. This year planting felt even more chaotic than usual. Last year we put in a new patio when the deck collapsed, and this year we put in a large flower bed in our front garden - which means that everything is "different" now - the old plans don't work. I can't quite get comfortable in the new environments - keep picking at my work, trying to make it feel right... An interesting analogy for the what is happening at Global Psychics right now. The new Live Reading services change a lot in the way we have interacted with our clients - everything is the same, but different. I'm not comfortable yet with the new processes. The physical world - my garden - is manifesting my inner discomfort.

the front garden by autumn

the back garden by autumn

My garden is a wonderful teacher, a clear mirror. Planting and nurturing it is a great exercise in standing back from myself. Of course, when I first complete the planting, I am so pleased with the way it all fits - but then things grow - the lemon balm takes over the rose garden, things die - I missed watering, new flowers blossom - and I forgot how tall they would grow... my mistakes become obvious over the summer months - and so do the rewards for the hard work. Year by year the garden gets better and better as I learn what works where, and allow nature to direct the planting. The garden also teaches me to be flexible, to go with the flow.

My garden is a living being to me. My way of showing my love for Mother Earth, and letting her know that I appreciate and respect her cycles. It reminds me that my world is abundant and helps me to manifest prosperity in my life... We have a rather large piece of property for a city residence. When I first bought it, it was in pretty bad shape, hadn't been lovingly tended for a few years - although there was some evidence that at one time someone had appreciated it... in any case, in the first few years, we tore out overgrown bushes and vines and claimed the land as our own with new gardens and shrubs... as I said, I can be a little manic with gardening, so predictably, I created spaces to grow flowers, veggies, and herbs wherever I could get sunshine... and where the sun didn't shine, I created lovely shade gardens.... never thinking of how much work all of these different patches would entail over the next years. But it is joyful work! The expense is always worth it. I talk to the seeds and the plants as I place them in the ground...I see the seeds I plant in the dirt, as the seeds I have planted in my life. So as I plant, I am also thinking of specific projects I am working on whether in business or in my home and tell the seeds that as they grow, my plans will come to fruition. I tell them that they have a special purpose in our lives, that they must help me create abundance for my family, that I expect them to join forces with me in creating a loving and warm and prosperous space for all of us. And each year, in its own way, my garden delivers. My garden is a working living being!

It means a lot to me, for a lot of significant reasons:

(in the back garden for our equinox gathering)

Gardening brings out the witch in me. Rain or shine, at the summer solstice I gather my friends together in the back garden for a fire and some ritual to helps all of us attract more magic. I am sure the divas are dancing around us as we meditate.

I have had some incredible experiences with the divas in my garden, so I know they are real and happy to be working with me. We built a lovely diva palace in our front garden to be sure they would stick around... and they do.

So, I ask, what's in your garden? Have you found the undiscovered treasures, divas and magic there? What does your garden mean to you? Take a second look - it is more than a patch of dirt with plants growing from it - it is alive, and has meaning in your life, purpose and value. Whether you like to work in a garden, or simply visit it, it represents your world in some very special ways - look deeper.... it will talk with you, teach you, as mine does, when you are listening.

Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Art in My Garden

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