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the magic of candles

by Florence Galek

You may use any type or size candles you choose. I prefer the votive type. Be sure the candles are in a safe holder. Decide what it is you want to happen in your life and choose the appropriate candles. Always burn a white candle, regardless of what other candles you may choose.

Write your desire on a slip of paper and place under the candle holder. As you do, say:

There is only one Power and that Power is God and only good can come from this power.

I use these candles with no wish to harm anyone else or to interfere with another person's free will, knowing that if I do otherwise only harm will come to me.

What I send out, I fully expect to come back to me threefold. Therefore, I send out only good.

Light the candles and say the following:

Candle shining in the night,
With your flame enchanted,
By the Powers of Magic might,
May my wish be granted.
When the candle sheds its gleam,
At the mystic hour,
Let fulfillment of my dream
Gather secret power.
Flame of magic, brightly burn,
Spirit of the fire,
Let the wheel of fortune turn,
Grant me my desire.
One, two, three!
So shall it be..

Allow the candles to burn for an hour, every night, until they are burned out. If your wish has not been granted by that time, do not be discouraged. You may need to try again in a week or two. The time may not be right.


White - psychic development, dispelling of evil influences.

Red - life, vitality, changing your luck for the better.

Blue - healing, spiritual development, occult protection

Green - prosperity, fertility, gain of money

Yellow Yellow - intellectual development, strength of mind

Pink - love, friendship, happiness

Purple - occult power, overcoming obstacles

Orange - optimism, success

Brown - serenity, peace

Black - revenge, retribution, also communing with the spirits of the dead. Used as a last resort and with great care.

More on the Meaning of Colors here

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