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The Knight of Cups

A True Story

by G.R.Winters

About two years ago, I left my home state of Maryland to start a new life. I had nothing left, no life to stay and live, and I knew it was run or die. My past haunted me, my many mistakes overwhelmed my desire to live. I'd lost a child to the welfare system after a failed marriage to a psychopath left me destitute, and the pain was too much to face. Those who knew me called me a gypsy, because I lived like one, going where the wind blew with no sort of view of the future--and no care. It was always risky and dangerous, but I was free.

So I convinced my best friend, Sarah, to take me to Canada. (Yes, really!) With no plan, no money, and no idea what I was doing, we took off in her Nissan for what would end up being a three-week road trip! It was three of the best weeks of my life, and the memories I made with her can never be replaced. Sadly, after a lengthy mental illness, she lost the fight and took her own life last June. Everything is meant to be, just as the road trip we took together gave me memories of her to live on.

I ended up in Vermont, staying with a complete stranger, Matthew, who fell in love with me, but whose feelings I could not return. I began a downward spiral, falling further and farther into depression and meaninglessness. Art was my only outlet. I started using Tarot cards again, but this time I delved more deeply into the Spirit World, while maintaining my Christianity. I am a firm believer in Christ and in God, but I sought higher self-knowledge and I had one wish. One ultimate, true desire. True Love. The Knight of Cups. As represented in Tarot, and the Two of Cups symbolized perfect union of two souls. I performed seance-type meditations, where I would call the four Spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and meditate on my request--True Love, my Knight of Cups. I slept with the Two of Cups under my pillow, I even had extras from other decks to make a talisman to wear around my neck. All I ever wanted was True Love, and so my wish was fulfilled.

I had began talking to Josh on , which is way too coincidental to leave out of this story. He shares the same name as an ex-boyfriend of mine whose girlfriend died after giving birth to their child together, at the fault of the hospital, and I wanted to contact him to convey my sympathy and offer condolences. I knew he had a myspace page, so I started there. That's when I searched the name "Josh" in the area he lived in PA, and came up with many matches. We'll call him Josh S. and my fiance Josh W. So, I saw Josh W. and knew right away, of course, that it was not the Josh I was looking for. Something made me click on his photo anyway, and took me to his page. As I scrolled, thinking how cute this guy was, my jaw dropped to the floor when the picture of a young girl held a caption reading "Rest in Peace, *Linda* we will miss you," [*name changed to protect identity]

Obviously, this was getting WAY weird! I sent him a message demanding explanation (like, how do you know that girl!? And do you know Josh S? ETC) and he had written back and that began our correspondence. He did know Linda, did not know Josh S. This was Sept 07, I left for Canada (but could not get over the boarder!!) in Oct, and was still living in Vermont in March 08. Josh and I wrote back and forth often, I had a huge secret crush on him, but he had a girlfriend. He was always a gentleman, and I once told him she was a lucky girl. He never hit on me, not once. Then they broke up. We started talking on the phone, and I was planning on another trip to MD soon, which I did every month to see my DR. and I wondered if he'd like me to stop by on the way back to VT and he was more than willing.

I met Josh on March 14, my sister's birthday. His birthday is my brother's birthday 10-10, and Sarah, my best friend, was born 9-25, the same as my other brother. Those are all my siblings, and every date relates to the two most important people who have been a part of my life. I say, "the stars aligned," and they did. When we met, I brought all my stuff, except my art supplies, in my green Sundance, from VT, subconsciously knowing I would never see the cold northern state again. I never left. The night we met, he said to me, "I have something to give you-to remember me by," and I replied, "I don't want anything to remember you by," disappointed that he was suggesting he'd never see me again when I was already falling for him. Then, he said the most profound thing anyone ever said to me, "It's a mirror." And it really was a mirror. The second night, we wrote a song. Just wrote a song, there it was. I don't know how it happens, but now and again, we sit down and he strums his guitar and I start singing and we come out with a song. It's magic. But so is our love.

The best part of the story was the third night. There's something divine about the number three, wouldn't you agree? On our third night, we fell in love. Instantly. Both of us had held back the entire time, thinking, "Don't fall for this person." Alas, we caved. We'd listen to music and make out for hours, and I remember the emotions that erupted from within my soul--love I did not know was possible except from God--I remember all I could see was his face and bright light radiating from every area of my peripheral vision. It was a real experience, where the words, "falling in love" come from. It was quite a spectacular event! And the very first in my series of supernatural experiences which followed.

The key to Pandora's box is Love. Due to time and space restraints, I cannot tell everything. I will say this-when you hold the most powerful force of Good in the universe, the forces of darkness are a hundred-fold stronger, more offensive. A month after we met, we did Tarot readings at dead time on the night of a full (debatable Blue) Moon. Not on purpose, it just worked out that way. Because of that reading, we stirred up something we did not understand, and we had dire consequences. Demonic Possession. I personally performed the exorcism of my fiance's overtaken body, I believe helping three Spirits cross over and casting out one demonic entity. If I had the time or space I would give you all the details of this five-day long encounter, but I'm writing a novel about it as we speak, and it would take a novel to tell it anyways! After that, I hoped normalcy would return forever! Alas, it was not so! I began seeing "the light" in May 08, and having visions and dreams. I had a vision of Obama before I knew who he was, standing in front of Air Force One. I had several dreams about twin girls. In one dream, Josh ran in saying, "It's twin girls!" with a pregnancy test in his hand. And wouldn't you know it? I was pregnant. Could it really be twin girls? Nah, no way, we said. Then, sonogram tech, "There's two of em." Are you kidding? Nope, it was twins. You can probably guess the gender. Both girls. And guess what date they were scheduled for C-Section? MY BIRTHDAY! Dec. 23, the only date that had no match. Unfortunately, they got a little restless and wanted their own birthday, so they were born Dec. 18, 7 weeks premature.

Life was never the same again. I found everything I ever wanted, what was left? And so, this battle wages on inside of me and manifests in reality. It is too late to stop the roller coaster that it has become. We are human, and not meant to know such things. Our minds cannot conceive of the nature of God, for example, or the existence of profound love. Seeing such Glory requires great wisdom and I, for one, could not handle the implications of what I've discovered. It has resulted in the manifestation of a serious physical illness. I know it is my own resistance to change because of fear, but if you've gotten this far, perhaps you might pray for us. Not for me, or my health, but for the victory of the most powerful and beautiful force in the universe. In place of wedding rings, we are to have a saying tattooed on our ring fingers that has been our hope in desperate times, and I will believe in its truth as long as the soul endures. Love Conquers All.

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