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Love Crosses the Dimensions of Time and Space

Love is a powerful force in our lives... love creates a bond that makes telepathic communications easy and interdimensional travel natural.

The bonds of love can keep ghostly manifestations in their old haunts - and free them to move on finally to the spiritual planes.

 A Magnificent Obsession

Submitted by Robinanne Page

My story starts approximately 20 years ago. I have been haunted or obsessed by anything that pertains to England. Anything that I could get my hands on I read. Its been an agonizing, always driven feeling. I knew that I was looking for something, not quite knowing what, but I know that I felt like England is where I belonged and I also knew that when I saw it , whatever it was I would know. In August of this year, I set myself up on a dating service on the internet in London. I received a letter from a man named Terry Page, included in the letter was a photo. When I opened the letter and saw his photo it hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew this man.

I finally found what I was I had been obsessing over for 20 years, What a tremendous weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Terry and I wrote letters to each other for about 2 weeks and talked on the phone for about 4 hours every day. One morning he awoke and went right to an airline ticket counter and bought an airline ticket to come and see me in Florida. It seems that when he saw my photo he had the same feeling that I did and he had to see me right away. Terry arrived in Florida on September 17th and we were married on September 22nd.

robina.jpg (38312 bytes)
robin.jpg (21253 bytes) We both have small psychic abilities, but very unpolished and unclear. There are a few things that we have both felt to be very familiar. We feel that we were very much in love in the past, possibly in a past life, and that we were separated somehow, possibly by a war.

Terry has also obsessed in his lifetime over a battle called The Battle of Bosworth Field. In my incessant studies about England, I was drawn to mainly the Kings and Queens of England. I am also of English decent. I know this all sounds crazy, but I cannot deny the feeling, there has got to be something to this, the feeling is to strong. Also, I am not obsessing over England any longer, my mind is at peace about this for the first time in my life. Terry has also been searching and no longer feels compelled any longer.

Well that is our story. It would be nice to put the pieces together. If you think you can help us, or if our story qualifies for a reading, please let me know. I am moving to England in the next month to be with Terry in our new home and I am very happy. I am sending a couple of our wedding photos to you.

Great story huh. Warm Regards, Robinanne Page

A Loving Push Onward is Sometimes Required....

Submitted by Rosiline Stevens, Exeter, Ontario

My husband died 12 years ago. Shortly after his death I started hearing him whistle in the front room, never any other part of the house.. When he died the front room was left half finished as we were doing some restorations. My hubby had been working on it. His death was sudden and unexpected. Other things happened such as my music box playing by itself, ornaments being dropped in front of me. My daughter did not believe me at first until she heard these things herself. A friend who knew someone who knew a psychic told me that I must tell my husband that I love him but that he had died, as he probably was not aware of it, he needed to be told so he could go on to wherever. It was hard for me to do but I did and never heard that whistling or anything else after that.....

Dad Says "I'm There for You"

Submitted by Michael Teal,  St.Catharines, Ontario,

Greetings from the ancient one. This is one of many stories.

While sitting in a cafe in downtown St. Catharines with fellow psychic Collette Bergsma, something odd began to happen. Collette started talking of her father who had passed years earlier. She wondered if he was around or if it was just her imagination. She was going through a stressful period. I told her I felt a presence and that it wasn’t over yet.

Collette asked me to go to her daughter’s with her. While walking there we came upon an antique store. As we approached the door two men passed in front of us carrying a piano. Collette said "that’s my father’s piano". It seems it was the exact piano her father had owned; the family had sold it. She hadn’t seen it in years. Things were starting to get weird, it wasn’t over yet.

When we got to her daughter’s she was immediately asked "do you feel grandpa around, I heard his voice over the baby monitor last night". Not only had she heard his voice over the monitor but he used to leave candies under her pillow when she was a child. When she awoke that morning there were candies under her pillow. I did a tarot reading for her and told her that Collette was being followed by grandpa today, that he was trying to prove he was with her to help ease her pain in this difficult time.

We left her daughter’s to attend a spoken word event. I was a member of various poetry groups, as were most of our friends. While our friend, Red, was singing and playing the harp, Collette began to weep. I moved closer to console her. She said she saw her father standing beside Red. I had felt a presence as had our friends Mike, Matt, Tyler and Andy. What happened next pushed this past the realm of coincidence for most of us. There were about 60 or 70 people there. Out of everybody in the room a lady approached Collette and myself. This woman was unknown to us. She had never been to one of our groups before. She approached us and said "I'm not psychic or anything but when that lady was singing, I saw a man standing beside her". It was that unbiased, outside source that convinced Collette her father was indeed with her. It was over ,we had been followed throughout the day by the spirit of a man,who just wanted to let his little girl know he was there for her.

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