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The adage: Love makes the world go around, has more of a truth than we hear at the first hearing.

L ove.

Even if I could communicate with all men; if I had the ability and power to understand all the languages of men; and even if I could speak to and understand the celestial languages of Angels; but if I did not operate my life in love .

All of that would be for nothing.

If I did not with reason, and intentional, spiritual devotion, that is inspirited by the creator's own love for all of mankind, then all that I do is nothing.

For this divine love is a spark within each of us which needs to be fanned and nurtured till our lives are shining examples of that love.

Despite all of the abilities and talents that we possess, and learn to use, if we are not doing what we do in the selfless manner of love , then all we are is beating our chest and making a loud unharmonious noise to gather attention to ourselves and ourselves alone.

If I had the gift of interpreting the divine will of the Creator for the universe and mankind. If I could understand the divine purpose and if I could understand all the secrets of this life. If I could know all the mysteries and possessed all the knowledge that has been accumulated by man about the divine nature of the creator and life.

If I had all of this at my command and had not love then it would all be for nothing.

If I possessed the faith to remove mountains from my pathway, so that I could make my way straight and more easy for me to make my way but I do not have love then I would be nothing, a useless nothing, a shallow and hollow man.

We seek gifts of knowledge and power, to understand and to see our futures and for those who seek after us but it is love that we should be seeking out and to be of its nurturing and understanding.

Not the exchange love ; I love because I see your lovely face and you stir me.

Not only because you were kind and generous to me, for it is easy to love those who show you love , but what of those who don't.

We tend to move away from the negative aspect of things.

We do not like to turn the other cheek nor endure the trials of this life, but with operation of divine love the trials can be easier. Operating in love does not make the trials stop just help you to understand why?

For the love that is divine is not like the love of the natural man. The natural non-spiritual man is ego-led. Our physical self and ego demands what it needs first and all other things are second. Our love is selfish. We love if we get something in return. We return a smile for a smile, a kiss for a kiss. We return a slap or insult for a slap or insult. The natural man is not easy to forgive a wrong towards him imagined or real.

Our love is short lived and conditional. It is dependant upon our wants and our needs that are ego based. What is in it for me attitude? For the most part our love attraction is depending upon the physical beauty of our flesh the majority of the time.

The love relationship between men and women is like a hot flame that burst out and consumes them for a brief time and when the fire is gone, so is the love .

But the unconditional love that is of the divine endures long and it is patient and kind. This love is never given to being envious of another good fortune, but is glad that the good things have come to the other.

When this stage of love is operating in your life you will not be envious of another's position in life, or their wealth, or of anything that the divine has brought into their lives. You will only want the best for them because of this love' s sake.

This form of true love never takes unseemingly pride in the person's status in this life because this love helps you to understand that all that comes to you is for a reason, is part of a larger plan.

The good fortune and not so good; all of it comes for a purpose and a reason, the scope of it may be more than our limited sight can perceive but in the grand wheel of fortune all the thousands of millions other gears cause it to spin.

Our self, the ego, doe not like the discomfort of a poor lot in life but it may motivate us to work towards an improvement for ourselves, thus effecting others to improve their own lot in life. That gets the wheels a turning again. And again.

The adage: Love makes the world go around, has more of a truth than we hear at the first hearing.

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