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Serge channeling Kris on Love and Loving

Serge speaks for a fascinating "Energy Personality Gestalt" called Kris. Whenever Kris speaks, he introduces the individual to his/her potentials, as well as outlining tools with which to lead more fulfilling lives. Here Kris speaks on the true nature of love - and loving...

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What is Love?

You have in your syntax and on your world various understandings for the word, and none of them, even taken together, put in the same room, can adequately describe the qualities of LOVE. The whole range of that aspect knows no boundaries. You experience this aspect only according to the syntactical context you are able to establish with it, in terms derived from your experiences from moment to moment. But still, at best, you are like flat stones skipping on the surface of a body of water, three, four, five times, only to realize that at one point, you will stop skipping, and you will be fully immersed in the body of water. The body of water represents this 'ocean of love'. Do you understand?

The idea of the skipping stones, then, merely represents that your experiences and interpretations of love only skim over the surface of something much larger. But at least it conveys the point that you have various facets and interpretations of love and you have from the sublime to the ordinary, examples of it in your civilization, and still this barely gives a full description.

This love naturally will encompass these other descriptives such as mercy, compassion, including the erotic; the sensual; the love of a mother for child, child for mother; the love of one human being for another, regardless of gender. These are reflections, and merely at that level should let you understand that if the reflections through your daily lives touch and affect your lives so profoundly at times, then imagine what dipping your toes into the source must be like - at least for that toe. And you easily forget that you are surrounded by this all the time. 

Love is all around...

As far as love is concerned, first of all, you easily imagine that love can only come from another individual, without first considering that it can only come from within you. If you cannot learn to love yourself, you will not be able to show that same love to another and not be able to appreciate when the other reciprocates. Also, by narrowing your focus in such a way, you are literally wearing blinders like a horse to keep the horse from being distracted whilst he is pulling the buggy. Do you understand? Love does literally abound all around you. And with very little amount of determination and observation, you can detect that as you walk down the tree-lined street, the trees will return love, the animals will return love - though we do not suggest you walk into a cage with a tiger. <laughter>

The birds will return love, in each their capacity, and you can detect this. Furthermore, you are also very conditioned to think that love can only come from something that has form, and more specifically a two-legged humanoid form. But, in reality, the very air that supports you can also be filled - this space where you think nothing exists between one object and another is truly filled with consciousness that your eyes are unable to transform into form, to give form to that empty space. Because it is filled with units of consciousness, what we call quantum particles. So you could easily be IN love without having a specific object of affection. But when there is the manifestation of an object of affection, then your loving can go much deeper. Do you understand?

 On Loving Yourself First

Fall in love with the kind of love that stretches all boundaries of time, that is reflected in the love for your fellow human beings, your partner, your parents, your friends, but that kind of love is the kind that you will give to yourself. It is neither hedonistic nor narcissistic, but it is the true source of all creation.

All That Is loves, and as a result, you are. You are the deepest loving expression of All That Is [that you can be]. And once your species realizes that, then your entire realities will be transformed, and the only thing in the entire universe that can give you that gift of love is yourself. It will never ever happen by giving it to anyone or anyone giving it to you. It must come from the depths of your being and you are almost there. The closest approximation is the love of a mother towards a child. It is love that says 'whatever occurs, I am always with you because I love you'. All That Is has that capacity to such levels that it would blow your fuses.

That kind of love can only be expressed from within the heart. And with that we give you our deepest love. And may you sleep and dream loving things.

On Being Afraid to Love...

 One of the main reasons why love itself is so feared is because love itself appears to make you vulnerable. That is a result of your collective convictions. Look at your songs. You loved her and she broke your heart. She loved him and he broke her heart, on and on, glorifying the dark side of pain and the fear of loving.

So you collectively believe that if you allow yourselves to be so vulnerable to love than there must be something wrong with your species, that you are flawed. That to love may be dangerous. That it causes pain and sorrow. It causes desire which leads to more suffering and you believe so intricately in "the wheels of Samsara", the cycle of birth and death (as the source of suffering) in that way that you then think that the only way to only go beyond all of this is to stop loving and desiring.

Desiring is a bi-product of your natural affinity for love. And when your minds become so twisted that you fear loving, you loathe loving, you despise yourselves and when you despise yourselves you sign your own execution warrant.

Even the many people that find it appalling that they could consider not loving themselves but what they say and what they do and how it shows up in their lives clearly indicates that fear of loving has never been broached, explored and released. You therefore think that it is commendable to hate, HATE, HATE WAR! You do not think about loving peace. You do not think about loving reconciliation. You think instead that you must hate those who make war, that is a entirely justifiable state of emotion and therefore the state of the nation is a place where everyone hates everything. That should be the true delivery of the state of the nation address. Instead you stress how the nation should hate those who are considered evil and whom is considered evil? Everyone who thinks differently! A sad state of the nation indeed.

Serge Joseph Grandbois is one of the most insightful and clear channelers to emerge in over 20 years. Serge speaks for an engaging, original and intelligent "Energy Personality Gestalt" called Kris. Together they have spoken in many North American cities. Kris' material is clear and concise, challenging conventions and clichés, addressing both the person's intellect and intuitions, awakening critical faculties and a sense of self-discovery. More about Serge and his work with Kris at http://Krischronicles.com.

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