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Love is Real Power
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We are asked about love more than about any other aspect of life.  Love is more important to us than food and shelter... Yet for so many, feeling loved remains an elusive mystery.

Love Psychics attempt to demystify Love by offering their secrets to successful relationships.

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We are asked about love more than about any other aspect of life.  Love is more important to us than food and shelter... Yet for so many, feeling loved remains an elusive mystery. Love Psychics attempt to demystify Love by offering their secrets to successful relationships.

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Here is our response to a world going crazy, to the violence and hatred that runs rampant… to war…

We promote learning to love each other truly… and in Love, learning to listen to each other more effectively… 

If we can each learn to love and listen in our private lives, perhaps we can create such a loving environment that our world will find its balance…

We wish to infect our world with Love, to let it ripple out and permeate all that is on Planet Earth.







More Thoughts on Love and Loving

Love - about making wise choices...

When I look up The Lovers card in the tarot, I see that this card speaks to the need to make wise choices in life... and love... when this card appears in a reading, it augers a time when values are being put to the test... it implies the need to look carefully at the implications of one's choices, rather than being driven blindly (by your gonads, or the pheremones, your need, your fears or whatever...)... it speaks to an initiation by fire... and the need to understand how we are the creator of our lives... the Lovers reminds us that the consequences of our choices in love are enormous, for they affect all levels of our life. Desire for another forces the development of individual values and self-knowledge through the messes and conflicts which arise from our choices... for which we are ultimately responsible...

Excerpt from the Swami's Nov 30/2004 newsletter: Swami's Top 11 Reasons to Be Thankful This Year by Swami Beyondananda:

1.  We're All in This Together.  The number one thing we have going for us is our Oneness.  Religion hints at it, and science has proved it.  We're all related.  Instead of commemorating separation and attack as we do with 9/11, let's celebrate 1/11 this January 11th and take a pledge that will definitely move us from the Age of Nefarious to the Age of Aquarius:  One.  One.  One. .

One One One Credo

One Spirit, many paths.
One Earth, great diversity.
One Humanity, each of us totally unique just like everyone else.

Under Father Sky
On Mother Earth
We are Family in all our relations

Bringing Love
To Life
In all Creation

Let the Golden Rule rule
In each heart and every nation

© Copyright 2004 by Steve Bhaerman.  All rights reserved.  To order Swami for Precedent or Swami's Healing the Body Politic Special, go to http://www.wakeuplaughing.com/ or call toll free (866) 525-0778.

Love and Gratitude... Gratitude is a way of expressing love, showing that we understand the value in each experience... I can't tell you how often a problem has simply disappeared once I saw the purpose in it, accepted - and was GRATEFUL -  for the lesson... 

Loving and Listening: Listening is a function of the heart...  It is our fear and anxiety about being hurt, rejected, unloved and unlovable that prevents us from listening - and thus also seeing clearly. When we can put our fears and our egos aside, when being right is overruled by doing what is right, it becomes much easier to work through relationship... to listen actively, with an open heart, to build rewarding, fulfilling relationships. More here: Loving and Listening

To create a Space of Love that touches many souls….start by listening, with an open heart.

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Notes on Happiness by a Student Philosopher

Good Luck for now.... trust yourself, love yourself, because that means you could love and trust other people too...

We were so impressed with the thinking behind this article from Merijn Kok, a student from The Hague, Holland, that we reprinted it here from our Psychic Kids section. This is a young man who already understands what his choices are - and seems already committed to choosing happiness - and since he seems to understand so well the need to be loving, I am certain that he will find love... see for yourself. Wise words, from one so young.... I think he has the discovered the secret to being happy... being One. (printed here with only minor corrections for spelling and grammar.)

Hi there,I am a young student from The Netherlands and I will try to tell You something about how I think about life and other issues. Forgive me my bad English. So, first a wish to all who'll read this. Good luck for now...

Start by living in the now...

In my opinion (and that from many others), there is only one moment that's important': NOW. It's the only moment that really exists. O yes people have made many appointments about time, about tomorrow and yesterday, about colors, words, languages, rules, laws, etc. but they are all symbolic. Symbolic for energy and so.

In a simple way I could explain it with polarity: The unity of the whole universe makes itself visible with polarity, in different frequencies and rhythms. Substance is possible in combination with energy, it is energy at the end.

The latest investigations in science will underscribe this (?fisica). We, in our path of evolution did have to symbolize everything to understand it in a sort of way. And when we were born, beginning our development in our group of materialized energy, we first have to learn what the people around us already learned about living with all that different energy.

Recognize That We Are One

Then, when we all start searching for our luck, we miss the harmony of the universe because we are hypnotized by our conditioning and our narrow point of view. We say me and you, but we are One, we who are still part of the abundance, are still part of a big organism who are all One. We are born with a unique load of energy, a part from the whole, and with it and the state of development of the world we are encumbered and slowed down in finding that luck within the unity.

Every substance has its poles and negative or positive load. For instance: a magnet + and - . Or the living organism: the earth, north and south. Positive attracts negative. Every cell in our body has its own unique load, every part of the cell has its own unique load. All operating in different frequencies, in harmony with each other or that is the way it should be, was intended to be.

Scientists now also discover what magicians, wizards, shaman and others like them already knew. Thoughts are a form of energy with a frequency and that means that thoughts do effect substances, because the action of 'quarks' (much smaller then atom's) can be influenced by thoughts.

See That All Is One, NOW

Past, future and now are One. Our emotional loads of the future are here and with you now - it's part of your ego and health. Harmonize, don't criticize.... love each other - our god is the kern of your energy body, because it's pure and we all know what we want.. but do we give it to each other?

Every person in your life is part of you, every thought and action creates your future - also thoughts from other people, thus everything we see, hear and feel is symbolizing energy and the intelligence of the universe. But we have different constitutions, and they don't always work together. Why force it? Change yourself and your range will grow. All you see and the meaning you give to it symbolizes only yourself, your capability of understanding and your evolution.

If you hate someone for the things he did, don't stop there, just look at yourself and you will find those things also done by yourself in some way. Look in your own 'heart'. Astrology's systems could give you a better view of the harmonious way energy's fluctuate. Remember that an energy field is constant, energy never dies it only rides form. Find all the illusions that block your growth, like life and death. We just ride many kinds of 'bodies', who knows? essentially your Point or kern is eternal because it's energy, it's pure potential, it is a universe in a universe, a world in a world, a cell in a body, etc. pure intelligence.

We have a free will to manage and to make choices, to live now, in this moment, to think positive thoughts, to listen to your body. Try meditation to be one with the moment, try to see that the timerule doesn't matter anymore, and after a while your awareness of the essential things of your life will be shown to you. It's just like changing channels from a radio, it's enlarging your reach, to see more colors, to experience more tasting or something.

This is a part of how I think about it. Don't take yourself too serious, keep on laughing. And trust yourself, love yourself, because that means you could love and trust other people too. That will be all for today, greetings from Holland and me, Merijn Kok

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