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Do you believe that your future happiness depends on your finding THE ONE? If you think you MUST find love in the form of a soul mate in order to be truly happy, we hate to disillusion you, but you’ll probably never find THE ONE, nor much happiness...

Why? because you’re looking outside for love, expecting it to come to you.... when the only way to find The One, is to give love, to be loving, to be the source of your own happiness... then love comes, naturally, in its own time... the perfect love for you...

We are impatient in our search for love, we want to overlook the inner work, we think we’ll find the love we need outside ourselves.... in fact, our society has taught us that loving ourselves is probably sinful, narcissistic at the very least... yet the truth is that there is only one place to search for the love - it is within... When we can be happy being One, we attract the partners who will appreciate and bask in our love - and return it, ounce for ounce... here are a few good articles on the art of being happy, being One, and on being in love.









Trust Your Instincts

I have always been sensitive to energies around me and  my sensitivities have become keener as I have grown older. I am a natural empath and also can communicate with ghosts and other non-human entities. Psychics who read for me believe I also have healing abilities and one described me as a "burden collector". What I would like to communicate to you all is to trust your intuitions and always do that which you KNOW to be right.

I recently learnt this lesson the hard way. I met a guy, not someone who is bad in himself but someone who I knew was bad for me. My instant interpretation of him was that he was a sexual predator but he was a friend of my flatmates who is usually a good judge of character so I chose her feelings over my own. She invited him back to our house and I was date raped by him. Something which, after the fact, I kicked myself for because I had known he would do that from the first moment I saw him. In fact I believe that I allowed this to happen to myself out of low self esteem. I'd just like to say to others out there - trust your feelings and dont worry about appearing odd if it could save you from pain or perhaps even death. Jessamine

I'm sorry for your bad experience... a similar thing happened to me years ago... fortunately I managed to get away before anything heavy happened... thanks for sharing your note... if more folks would listen to those inner feelings, we could save ourselves a lot of pain...   Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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A Note on Soul Mates

I would like to know if there is such thing as soulmates and if there is, even though we lead separate lives and are each married to other people, can we still be connected.  He was my first love and he has burdened my heart for the last 10 years we have been apart.  My husband walked out on me and our 2 children and I was totally devastated.  The very day that this happened, my first love showed up on my doorstep after 7 years and he did not know anything about my current situation.  I have never stopped thinking about him.  Could we be soulmates destined to find each other once again??

Goodness me - yes - not only do we believe in the concept of soul mates (which by the way can be tough relationships to be in when we are inexperienced, young, unwise and/or immature).  However, love is timeless and does not depend on any of the physical boundaries, including time, and can and does traverse these boundaries.  I also suspect it is no accident that he did show up at the time he did.  Somewhere, the souls of both of you would have known the right timing and also there was probably great purpose in your meeting, ending, getting together with others and then reconnecting.

What a story!  In any case, yes, I feel based on what you have written that this has remained very much alive and the universe has delivered to you a wonderful gift.  Your each individual souls would have been "in charge" of this operation anyway, so they knew what they were doing.  Likely, you are going to have a much better go of it this time around than in the first time around.  It sounds to me like other "promises" you made spiritually speaking to others have been fulfilled and now is the time that you two would have gained enough ground individually as well as fulfilled promises to other spirits and are now on a clear road to be able to share with one another in this more mature and ready way.

I hope this has helped and good luck to both of you! Mary-Anne

I feel strongly that your first love has come to you for a very good reason right now.  How wonderful!  Congratulations- no matter how difficult life may feel, sometimes it also brings us just exactly what we need at the right time, in miraculous ways. Yes, there is something to the story of soul mates, and this is the very kind of thing that happens amongst soul mates, they appear quite magically at the right moments... Warmly, Barb

I was wondering, is there a soulmate for everyone?  I am 28 years old, I have dated occasionally and have only been in one relationship that lasted less than a year.  It seems that men are not attracted to me, or I just don't see it.   This question stays on my mind at all times because I feel an inner need to be with someone, as I do not want to be alone.  What do you think?  Thank you for your help!!

To properly answer your question we would need to open a reading... but no, not everyone has a "soul mate" in the sense of a life partner - but there are lots of different kind of soul mates, for example my partner in Global Psychics is definitely a soul mate, and she is married to a man who is also her soul mate... there are some misconceptions about soul mates - and the first is that we all need to find ours... soul mates split up for a reason, to learn lessons they couldn't learn together, and soul mates can also give each other some of their hardest lessons in life, sometimes they can come together for a short period to propel each other forward in life, and then they will move on to other partners.

So, chances are that there is still plenty of time for you to find a right partner - and that over the next few years you will make some big changes in your life that will put you in a better position to find a partner.  My sense is that you haven't been reaching out - time to start getting out more, get involved in some clubs, take some courses, let yourself open up a bit more... Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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