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To Thrive, Love Needs the Right Environment

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What do you do when you've found love, but are surrounded by folks who haven't?  How often has a great day turned sour because you ran into someone who was unloving, angry, resentful or just on a downer? Sometimes, the only answer is to move...

Dear Global Psychics,

Our lives are in constant turmoil with problem people who can not mind their own business, they seem to thrive on making other people miserable. My wife and I desperately seek to have peace and we will do anything to move out of this council house to a better area where our two young children can grow in relative safety away from the paranoia which seems so dominant were we live at present. Please can you advise us on what we should do? My Internet Business is doing quite well at present, in view of this we live in HOPE that it will aid us in our quest for a new home of our own and provide a financially secure future for our children. 

I have thought about returning to the place where I grew up as a small boy, this small country village is ideal for children, although it may have changed since I left their many years ago. The sad thing is society as a whole seems to be on a forever deteriorating level, what with the prominent drugs problem inherent within it.

Our choices seem to be dwindling as the tide of crime spreads into all corners of society. I only saw a TV program the other day about how some rich people who can afford to, are pushing up the house prices in small villages and the countryside making our desire to return there less likely, because of the increased demand for such places. Old fashioned values are being tempered within country life also, as city people suppress the normal running of farming communities, they not understanding that the very thing which makes the countryside so special (The Farms) often cause early morning noise that these city folks cannot tolerate. Many farmers have gone now, being replaced by the very things that these city people sought to escape from in city life. I suppose they want to have the cake and eat it, which does not work. This TV program brought home to me the facts that even if we go back to the countryside, will it be what we dreamed of? Or perhaps I am fooling myself by fond memories of my past.

If you can offer guidance on whether we should seek happiness in the Village, or elsewhere at least this will be something of a plan to follow, better than aiming blind. Sincerely Michael. Our web site's For Books And CDs visit http://www.book-stores.com/ or http://www.cd-stores.com/

Our advice: if you are choosing to be happy and loving, and those around you are making different choices, you are best advised to move away from this disharmony, to search out a community that shares your desire for harmony....

Dear Michael,

You seem overwhelmed at the moment, and while I can't make your decisions for you, I can give you some help in figuring out how to make the best choices... first of all, happiness is a choice, a choice we make moment by moment, to accept the purpose in our lives as they are right now, and to find happiness, peace and joy, even in the midst of pain and despair and heartbreak... what I am saying is that while environment certainly plays a key role in whether or not the choice to be happy is easy, the choice has to come from the inside, and in the moment... if you don't have happiness and joy and love as a kind of foundation attitude, a way of being in the world, your troubles will simply follow you...

That said, once you choose happiness, peace, harmony, love and joy as the primary qualities you seek in your life, it sometimes becomes necessary to move away from circumstances that are taking you down... if those around you are not also making similar choices to you, then you are surrounded by disharmony and it becomes very difficult to make any kind of personal progress... so, if your circumstances are not comfortable for you, and those around you are not uplifting in some ways, than you must find a new community, one that more suits the attitude you seek to live with in your own space... at this time in our history, many folks are feeling driven to the country, to small villages, and to their roots... and this can be a good move at this time, a way of reconnecting us with our true heart and will - and I feel that as we become more of a global community, we will also seek more definite local community, and we will want smaller groups to hang with, to offset the information overload that we experience in our outer lives...

So, what I am saying here is that based on your note, it seems rather wise for you to begin considering a move to a smaller community and living circumstances that are somewhat smaller than what you are living in now, you need fewer people travelling through your home on a day to day basis - at least that's what feels right from your note - it feels like you are seeking a quieter easier lifestyle and that ultimately this will work best for you...

The Internet makes it easy for you to move around and to find the community that is right for you - and if you stay with the business, work consistently and diligently at the promotions, refreshing the site and your product lines regularly, and you are careful to follow through on your orders and deliver what you promise, you are likely to find your business growing naturally and steadily as more and more folks take advantage of the easy secure shopping systems now available on-line... I hope these notes are useful to you, Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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