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Ask Our Love Psychics.....

The Global Psychics team of expert Love Psychics answer your questions about Love, Romance and Relationships

If I still strongly love someone who is now engaged, would my love adversely affect his relationship with his wife? If it does what can I do in order not to harm him unconsciously? H. A.

In a sense you are already doing it... by being conscious that throwing energy at folks - thinking and feeling create energy - you are helping to prevent it from infecting his relationship... that said, it is time to place your thoughts and feelings elsewhere so when you think of him, deliberately change your thoughts, think of something or someone else, get busy, distract yourself. OK? Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

My partner and I were planning on moving to a different city together, but he went to a psychic who basically told him that moving there with me wasn't a good idea. Now, whether she was legitimate or not he doesn't want to move out with me. So my question is, should she really have told him what he should do with his relationship? Jim

First off, my sense is that the psychic probably affirmed some feelings that your boyfriend already had about not moving and your relationship, otherwise I don't think he would have reacted so strongly....  secondly, not having been there I can't comment on whether or not she should have told him what to do with his relationship... typically, we tell folks what we see and let them make up their own minds, but if it is clear that something or other isn't showing in a positive light in a reading, we are expected to be truthful about our insights, otherwise why would you bother paying someone just to hear what you want to hear or already know?  Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle


Yes, but....let's get real here...

Hi, I met this guy on the internet ( I know it's dangerous and I stopped doing that chat stuff). I just moved in with my sister who had a computer. I know how to use one but i'm not an expert. So,this guy I met just turned 23. He is such a sweet heart. We talk almost every night. We sent each other pictures. We're usually on the phone with each other for 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. and we live 3 hrs away from each other. He makes me feel so special. My sister(she has a boy friend) didn't like how we were talking every night and emailing each other and I had alot of emails not from him that my sister was getting worried about all that emailing stuff (I never emailed anyone else back, just that guy), she was just looking out for me. Last week when I checked my email, I saw that my sister had written to him. She told him that she don't want him writing me any more. She was very rude, swore at him and used some foul language. I hurried to call him to apologize for my sister. He was a little shocked but he understood, he said have done the same thing to his younger sister if he had one. So, then I found out that my sister told my parents andI sort of lied to them about how we met on the chat. So my parents don't know, and if they did they would flip. Then, the next time I spoke to my sisterI  told her the same lie. The guy doesn't know what I told my sister and my parents. and also I lied to him about my age. He thinks I'm turning 20 when I'm really turning 19. So, my question to you is . WILL HE STILL TALK TO ME EVEN THOUGH I LIED? Jen

Says Danielle: Lieing is about being scared, and it attracts trouble... if you truly want someone to love the real you, you have to be real...and brave...

Sweetheart, what you really want is a proper reading, but for the moment I can tell you it's important to calm down here. Things rarely work out well when we have to lie - it's just the energy of it - the fear that is at the bottom of a lie acts like a magnet that draws trouble to us.... and most importantly if you make too much of a fuss, this fellow will be scared off. 

Better to let the whole incident slide - and search for another way to communicate with your new friend - either set yourself up with an access of your own, so no one can be interfering in your relationships, or start writing letters and sending them through the regular mail. This will keep the heat off...

The age difference between 19 and 20 isn't that big a deal and perhaps also your sister over-reacted. Sounds like your friend handled himself well, now just drop it all... if you want him to remain friends, minimize the incident in every way you can... AND STOP THE LIES!

If you find yourself in a position of having to or wanting to lie, you're in a fear place and you'll only attract trouble from there... If there's any hope for a future with this man, it will come from honest caring and direct communications... You want someone to love the real you in a real way, so be real, be brave enough to be honest, clear and direct...I hope these insights are useful to you, best wishes and lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Why can’t I get a boy friend? Everybody thinks I am smart and pretty! What is wrong with me??

probably nothing is 'wrong' with you... it's just a matter of time and patience... and purpose... Says Lise:  the best is yet to come!

Dear Ethel;

You are a very sensitive soul, and you need to learn that turning your hurts and sadness inwards is not the answer. We all carry within us energy, our own though it all interconnects. I feel that you are rather shy, and need to focus on loving yourself first, then making active moves to put some of that energy out to others.

The more that you let this build within you, the more you subconsciously create blocks that do not allow others to come towards you. If you honestly feel good about yourself then you will project that energy to others, but it has to start with you.

I feel that it is vital for you to continue to get out there, look into new interests and group activities. There is much focus on people for you, that you must not hide behind four walls or your own fears. You are a very sensitive and loving person, who feels energy around her quite strongly. I sense that once you are able to learn how to heal and clear your own energy you will discover that you have a gift for healing others. I also feel that you are quite creative Ethel.

You will find people are drawn to you, though you need to work on building strength within you right now, and also on letting go of your fears. It is a step by step process, and I know that you can do it, one step at a time. Work on doing the things that you are good at, concentrate on your other dreams for life. I feel that once you stop directing your energy towards this one area, finding a boyfriend, and start truly enjoying your the rest of your life, that love will come to you quicker than you think. Focus first on being the best you can be. There is a Love out there for you!

Nothing is wrong with you Ethel, the universe will give you exactly what it is that you need when you are truly ready, be patient as the best is yet to come. Thanks so much, Lise-Global Psychics

Says Danielle: Get a life, love sometimes takes a little time, there is purpose in there being alone right now, you just need to learn to trust, yourself, your future mate, God and the Goddess....

Dear Ethel,

I have four answers for you...

The first response is that you have to love yourself, to have a life that you are happy with before the right mate will come along - it's not just about being smart and pretty, hon, it's also about being loving and kind, a good friend, supportive, both interested and interesting, competent and confident... when we are needy, wanting too much, we scare love away... So get on with the business of having a  rich fulfilling life and the right man will naturally appear. 

The second answer it that sometimes it's about waiting for the right one to come along, and sometimes that takes time... While our society tries to condition us to believe that we should be partnered up at least by the time we're 30, or there's something wrong with us... love, the coming together of soul mates and twin flames knows no timetable, at least not in that way... love comes at the right moment, often when we are least expecting it or wanting it... some folks meet their soul mates when they are 12, marry at 18, and live happily ever after, others don't find this perfect partner until they are 75. The truth is that if we spend our lives searching for love to come to us, it probably never will... But when we spend our lives loving - ourselves, our lives, our friends and families, we also discover that we are spending our lives with a lover... and being a lover will eventually attract the perfect mate for you.

The third response is a little harder to swallow... what you need to understand is that we create our own realities, and with purpose, so if you are alone right now, it has a good purpose, follow through on that and the love you seek will appear once you have accomplished your purpose as a single woman... The beauty of this truth is that it puts us in the driver's seat in life - when you recognize that you have created your life as it is through your thoughts and feelings and actions, and you did so with good reason, you can begin to notice the thoughts and feelings and actions that are keeping you single.... from there you can evaluate what your purpose has been, what it is you have been trying to teach yourself - and from there you can begin to make change... noticing what you are thinking, feeling and doing enables you to change, to redirect your energy in ways that better serve your purpose.

The fourth response is that you must trust - trust yourself first, that you are indeed pretty, and also charming, and intelligent and capable... and.... and... and... and most importantly, that you are a loving, generous person, deserving of love... trust your soul mate to find you when the timing is perfect for both of you... trust that your life has value, just as it is.... and trust that God and Goddess want you to be happy in love and will bring you the perfect partner when you are open to receiving him, and he you.

I hope these insights are useful to you, Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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