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Love Psychics Answer Your Questions
About Being Confused in Love and Romance...

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I’m confused.... Is he the right one? Norma.

maybe, but probably not in this lifetime... confusion is a good indication that something isn't working... and that he's probably not the right one, at least not for now...

Dear Norma;

Looking into the immediate energy of your situation, I feel as if this man Marcus has been giving you some very confusing signals. All in all, you and he share some very mixed energy. There is more than a friendship here, but the timing around the two of you seems to prevent a long-term relationship, as you would want it. I feel that he is rather unsure and constantly changing his mind and emotions from one moment to the next. I sense that he has at least indicated to you that he does have feelings or would like this to be more, but then becomes very distant or evasive with you. Looking into the months ahead, I am not seeing much changing here between the two of you or the situation with him.

As I look around the two of you, I see that there is nothing that you can do to move this situation along further. In fact, the choice here seems to be very much in Marcus’ hands, and there is nothing that you can do can change this. I do feel that he is going to make a final decision around his current situation, but he also appears to have a year that is primarily focused on business, career, and education of sort. It is possible to maintain the friendship on long-term basis if you wish, but it is vital now that you not focus your energy on thoughts of just him.

The feeling here is that you have come through a tremendously hard time of struggle emotionally. I am seeing a painful break up that left you rather drained, as it seemed that this letting go took a lot longer than it should have. Even though you have come out of this a lot wiser, your heart is still pretty vulnerable. You are a big dreamer when it comes to matters of love and relationships, a bit of a sentimentalist. You are loving and generous and have a natural gravitation to help those that are in need or seem sad to you. Be careful that in your desire to help others, you are not taken advantage of. You have much to offer and need to start accepting that and to stop worrying unnecessarily over what you have or don't have.

Be patient, give yourself time to heal... there’s more romance coming...

Put out your prayers and thoughts to the universe for finding your perfect partner, rather than just him. Ask for the one who is truly right for you and he will come to you. I see clearly that by keeping your doors open, being open to meeting others and not focusing just on this man, the right man is coming along before the end of the year for you. This is a relationship that is solid, and quite life changing for you so it is important that you keep all options open at this time

Balance your energy around this relationship with Marcus now, as the effort does have to come from his end. I feel that you will know concretely where his head and heart are in another few months. Still, everything appears to be good for you, and you will be with someone soon who will have you feeling really great, a solid relationship after all. I hope these insights help, Lise-Global Psychics

Norma responds, what should I do?

 Hi Lise,

The reading that you did for me brought tears to my eyes. You read my heart and my soul in all of its entirety. I am in total shock at how accurate you are, you completely grasped my situation but most amazing of all how I feel inside. I can't believe it.

I am feeling very emotional right now because I don't know where to turn. You were so right about Marcus giving mixed signals. Every day is a roller coaster ride with him and it leaves me feeling even more confused.

So am I correct in assuming that I should may be let go of him and if he is meant to be for me he will come my way?? As for this new person coming into my life do you know when??? what does he look like???? How will I know???? Does it look like I am going to be stuck between two guys??? Could this other person be the "one"??

Once again Lise thanks so much, you have been amazing. Thank you., Norma.

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Lise repliess, once again: "let him go, if he returns, he’s yours, if not, there’s someone else you’re waiting for..."

Dear Norma;

With Marcus, yes, I did feel that the energy was such that you needed to concentrate much more on yourself. Set him free, and if he is truly yours, he will come back to you, but in a way that is firm and with conviction.

With regards to seeing someone new coming in, I felt that this was happening some time after the month of August. The connection appeared to be made within a group situation, any situation involving a lot of people is really positive for you. I am seeing a man that could be a water sign, somebody more creatively inclined whether through hobby or job. I did feel that this relationship was one that could be pretty serious for you, very involved. Physically, the best that I can see right now is one with hair that is dark blond to medium brown shaded, no real dark haired or platinum blonde types.

Well I hope that I have helped to clarify your questions. Take care of yourself! Lise-Global Psychics

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I have problems keeping men interested, and letting them know how I feel. When will I meet someone special? Ann-Marie

Dear Ann-Marie;

I am seeing a very strong connection to your family and dear friends, in fact I feel that family is of the utmost importance to you. You usually are there when and if they need you; when there are disagreements or troubles within, you get very upset and distracted until things resolve themselves.

You do not like situations or discussions that are abrasive, and many times will withdraw into yourself rather than having to deal with possible rejection. Your tendency to worry is one trait that very much affects how you interact with the opposite sex. Your imagination, which can be overactive at times, will constantly have you playing out scenes of the most drastic kind, increasing your worry, and decreasing any of the positive energy and communication that you need to be displaying to a potential suitor.

learn to trust yourself and your decisions more....

I feel that at times one family member in particular has a way of really intimidating you. You depend too much on the output of others around you and do not feel that what you are inside, who you are, is important enough, or interesting enough to keep or capture anyone’s attention for the long term. You must learn to be free and independent in your thinking, to make decisions without having to constantly consult others.

use your natural intuition to get clear... and stop limiting yourself!

The first steps to this process are hard, but everything starts with a first step, and gets easier with repetition. You have to develop your own level of confidence, and to stop letting your emotions and imaginative nature get in the way, or prevent you from possibly meeting someone that could be really good to you.

You have a very strong need to express love, and probably would make much fuss over your partner. You are a very generous person, and hate to be excluded from any activity that your partner is included in. Be careful that in waiting for the perfect person to come along, that by setting your standards so high, as you do tend to be a bit of a romantic, that you do not miss out on some really nice opportunities.

I am also seeing that you can really learn to read into people’s true motives and thoughts, if you want. Your intuition is highly developed. There are tips and exercises, forms of prayer and meditation that can really help you to exercise this trait and develop it. I feel that if you can really learn to balance out the extremes in your emotions, and to stop worrying and reacting, you will find it very easy to read people, so you can sense what a date or partner is feeling and saying.

As gratifying as it is to feel really strongly in life, emotions can overwhelm, and at times distort what is really the truth. When you are more in touch with your spiritual side, and I feel that you are going to get more involved in strengthening this part of yourself, you will feel a great calm in knowing exactly where people are coming from.

Visualizing white light pouring through your body is a simple way to start to self protect, and to help alleviate any overwhelming emotions when you are feeling worried or stressed. Again, I feel that this gift is so strong within you, that it must be recognized and learned. Once you open up to your personal power, you will feel a lot more in charge, responsible for your own actions and life. The worry of what could happen will pale, or should I say balance itself so that fear does not rule your life and thoughts.

Find yourself first and your perfect partner will find you...

All in all, I don’t feel that you are going to be having to be without a partner for long. Some independence is indicated here, and your work and educational demands will force you to take the first steps. It will be very important to you to be acting on your own, and the worry that you have been keeping inside and projecting on possible partners is lessening. Your intuitive side is only going to get stronger, and by the summertime of next year you are going to be very ready to meet and be with the person that I am seeing around you then. Your energy at this time is very positive and as a result, you will be attracting to you people and situations that are just that. Take care, and best wishes. Lise-Global Psychics

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