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Phil's October Astro Forecast!

Rock-tober, strangely compelled...
An “October surprise“ is a guaranteed political election gambit here in the US, when some alleged dark secrets about a candidate are revealed just in time for the voting polls to open. We know they’ll be coming but we rarely see exactly what’s happening at the time, or where these surprises are coming from, behind the scenes for sure but it’s really a surprise they’re known as surprises at all. Such allegations are desperate last-ditch attempts to sway public opinion, lots of fun for political junkies to dissect but deceptive and misleading as all heck, the truth about anything is always a casualty.

And unfortunately, such negative and deceptive mind-games force us to peg our BS detectors to “stun” mode, and a lot of us futurists are sensing this mind-set as the main challenge for deciphering the rest of this fabled year. Yet, it also provides us with the blessed escape route of discernment, of separating the wheat from the chaff for ourselves, forcing us to find the gems of truth among the garbage. This necessary sifting process then forces us into our heart of hearts, showing us what really rings Universally true, the needed awakening portal of rediscovering our most essential birthright; our G-awed within us all.

Anyway, it’s no surprise to astrologers that Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5, ending its two-plus years’ journey through the justice halls of Libra. Saturn in Libra was a major impetus behind the various revolts for freedom around the world, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movements but of course the other outer planets have been major contributors to the recent disruptions, specifically the ongoing Uranus/Pluto squares (in Aries and Capricorn respectively) and Neptune entering utopian Pisces. However, Saturn in Pluto-ruled Scorpio until 2015 “simply” muddies the waters, and in some regards (sad to say) bloodies the waters. It’s certainly not Saturn’s fault, just the unresolved issues of misguided people who refuse to listen to their inner wise man or woman, their own inner Saturn.

Regardless, through intuition and some rather vague messages coming from my usual sources – more so than anything planetary – sometime around October 5 or 6 just smells like an October surprise that we simply can’t see coming yet, something way behind the scenes, and most probably extra-dimensional in scope. When I asked for further clarity (always the best thing to do with the purest of intentions), I asked if it would require some form of a “leap of faith,” and the answer was more like “take a leap of inevitability,” whatever that means. I further asked if this surprise would be a catastrophic calamity or a Divine revelation, and the usual reply has been “It’s all up to you in how you see it, it relies on everyone’s individual free-will.” And needless to say (?), this October surprise fits in with whatever December 21 has in store for all of us, so please do stay tuned-in, always search for that elusive further clarity, and keep your BS detectors handy.

Oh well, continually asking for further clarity is about all we can do, perhaps it’s all we’re expected to do, and certainly as often as possible. One planetary clue would be Saturn’s immediate trine to Neptune, their first approaching trine since 1977 (exact on October 10) and then Saturn’s first exact trine to Chiron since 1979 in mid November. These “softening” trines can offer spiritual (Neptune) wisdom (Saturn) and also wisdom for healing (Chiron) our selves and our world but two very interesting cultural trends worth mentioning developed back in the late Seventies, so history might be repeating itself a bit, in differing yet parallel ways.

First was the birth of the New Age spiritual movement back then, offering alternatives to how we search for life’s meaning in fuzzy Neptunian ways, quite often with delusional yet fascinating results. Yet simultaneously was also the rise of the nihilistic punk rock scene, a rebellion against the Saturnian status quo, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how things will unfold this time around. Of course, each of those planets were in very different signs as opposed to nowadays, so weight can now be placed on Neptune and Chiron in idealistic Pisces, if such weight can ever be placed in a Water sign. The wild-card is then somewhat lost in the more turbulent Waters of Scorpio, and Saturn really doesn’t care if we sink or swim there, the more viable option would of course be to surf on top of those Scorpionic waves. Transcend or descend, it’s always our free-will choice.

The other, perhaps more “dangerous” wild-card for our immediate future would be Saturn’s simultaneously forming inconjunct aspect to Pluto, exact on December 27 but in-effect beginning soon enough. And what this means is a bit esoteric but highly significant; Saturn in Pluto’s ruling sign (Scorpio), with Pluto in Saturn’s ruling sign (Capricorn) would ordinarily set-up what is known as a “mutual reception” between these two heavyweights, at best agreeing to be disagreeable but there’s nothing normal or ordinary about an inconjunct aspect (150° apart from each other). And very basically, Scorpio and Capricorn don’t like each other very much, they don’t see eye-to-eye on much of anything, and neither do Saturn and Pluto, considered by fatalists as two “Great Malefics” or bad guys. Putting it differently, one of the main strains will be in asking ourselves; how do we act responsibly (Saturn) when we’re faced with life-and-death Plutonian matters? Well, one viable answer would be; always look to the flip-side of death, which is always rebirth, like moving from sleep to awakening, it can really be that simple! All in one here-and-now moment, the answers always lie in the questions.

Bottom-line then, the Saturn trines to Neptune and Chiron can offer spiritual wisdom, insight, further clarity and healing for the Great Awakening, while the deceptive Saturn/Pluto inconjunct can help fuel a growing zombie apocalypse, the choices are always ours to make. Oh, I’m just kidding about those zombies, it would be better to describe them as people-who-refuse-to-wake-up-to-their-true-selves but the concept of zombies is so much fun, especially around the October High Holy Day of Halloween, no?

Trick or treat? We get to decide!

(* The Sabian symbols are from Dane Rudyard’s “An Astrological Mandala,” 1972.)

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Our Psychics Predict for October

Carmen Predicts: "The October World Mood"
General Disposition: verbose, well-meaning, INTENSE, gregarious, interested, inventive, self-aware, hyper-vigilant and altruistic.

Lucky Number: 3.14159 ( ? )

Lucky Stone: Peridot or Olivine

I had only caught a breath from this last month, as hardly had I finished writing the last prediction - when within 24 hours we were struck be yet another brief but extreme earthquake. I was taken aback as I had forgotten about earthquakes and had focused only on the weather in my readings. The life of being a good psychic! Almost impossible in a chaotic age! I mused and thought back on the days when it was only one disaster per year etc etc... and it was hard to try and include all of them in my future readings, but it is all feeling to dooms-day-esque lately, and not wanting to capitalize on yet another marketing trend, I decided to think about the emotional outcome of decisions this month.

So I reconsidered, checked myself and thought - stop. It's too much. Let's try and let the future flow. So this month I feel I will try and give a general reading that may fit all categories today, with no particular assignation. Our world is too complicated this month for me to fit all the attributes - so let's have fun with free association with the Tarot!

Non-conventional issues are on the table this month - and issues from abroad ( depending on which vantage point you are at or where you are living ) that are seen as painful and have been disruptive. It is decision time and non-traditional vs. traditional issues have to be dealt with. This could have to do with higher modes of thinking, legal systems, communication or anything that is seen as a non-traditional branch of a conventional aspect to life. This can be seen for many reasons - but we have seen many issues of orthodox versus eclectic thinking coming to the fore, and these ingrained ways of approaching problems are being discussed and reorganization is occurring on a grand level ( with the King of Swords governing the mood of this issue, usually signifying government, science, law or math ).

It certainly is decision time, but it seems mainly tied up with the financial market again this month. This is a welcome change from violence, catastrophes and mayhem, but still a point of major consideration and probably not as complex. It seems that excesses are being cut and the explanations are unsatisfactory to some of the parties involved. I don't see this issue being resolved this week or this month.

Also on the agenda are traditional family values ( stay with me, I told you I was free associating! ) and the issue of contractual and legal obligations. It seems that this time this is the saving grace in that this common denominator seems to bring the arguments into focus in a positive way. In other words - with so much at stake, and regardless of where you are in the world - what your creed or religion, gender or income is - we all are looking at what we value most - our family - our human family, our ties, our connections and what it means for obligations to our human family in its entirety. In other words, people are going to start seeing more of the similarities and shared needs as opposed to shared grievances and losses. This may still hit a crescendo, so anticipate more people articulating their needs...

These needs will be a source of unity during a time when the only satisfaction left will be the anticipation of the one thing we all share - our understanding of the love for our kin - our children and our kind. The energy seems restless but the main storm is passing at the beginning of the month - be it whatever form it may take - whether physical or theoretical or political - and by the mid to end month time we have yet more new and inspired characters or players entering the arena, again more female influences appear.

This does not end on a sour note, it tends to indicate there will be a friendship or union between two groups of people ( this could be again two legislative arms of power - when you think power, think law, not always the visual face of politics ). The other is creative input or cultural agendas and projects. We seen the Queen of Cups ( sincerity, maternal, creative ), the Queen of Wands ( attraction, inspirational, friendly ), The King of Cups ( sincerity, honesty and generosity ) coupled with the Ace of Swords ( law and thinking ). Enter towards the end of the month a generous male with legal clout ( King of Cups next to the Ace of Swords, which is rule of law and rational thought ) and more communication comes up around this male regarding beneficial partnerships. Some headway is being made, and whoever makes this decision, when it is made, regardless of affiliation, country or intent, it still seems to come up positively in this reading, which is a sigh of relief to me. Small improvements with great emotional benefits appear - and please be sure to give this reading some time to unfold. This portends great positivity for the future, even if October seems difficult to get through. I would have to manage a psychic database to really give you a good idea of precisely of what this reading will mean - but I will allow for time to work its magic and to see this unfold in a thousand ways, over a thousand days.

Happy October everyone!

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Teresa's Forecast:
The energy of October...

Two of Cups/Water, sometimes called Sacred Cord

Years ago when I was learning about Tarot, my teacher called the card I pulled for October the “Party Card.” She basically said, “Woo hoo!”

That card is the Two of Cups/Water and is sometimes called Sacred Cord.

So Fall is upon us and his card promises the beginning of something new: new love or friendship and also the sharing of positive ideas for the future. This says to me that though (at least here in the northern hemisphere) the leaves are preparing to fall and soon we shall see barren trees, cooler days and longer nights, something new can still come to pass.

This card is about equilibrium and understanding. It reminds us that through mutual support we can attain our goals. Who is that partner for you? Be sure to honor and respect the contributions of both individuals in your loving partnership. Kindness and mutual consideration can join your hearts together… and bring you great success.

It is time to ENJOY!! Pour your Self, in earnest, into some activity, idea, purpose or person. You have found an object for all your feelings. This love will drive your mind and senses to new insight, to understanding a new perspective, to glimpsing all that which can become and then moving to create in that direction. Your goals will be illuminated.

At this time you will feel the need to detach yourself from everything that holds you back. You will want to join with everything that is uplifting and can give new form to your passion. You will feel connected.

But you will also remember that you are unique and separate. Such a conundrum. Love, as Life, is all about the balance. October promises to be a month of success and learning to allow for the opposing ideas to find their connection. May you do so with great joy and peace. Teresa

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Danielle Foresees:

With the two of Cups gracing the month of October, we can expect some potentially strong partnerships to open - this could even be a great time to find your life partner, or to make a deeper connection with the one you love. The connections made this month are destined, in the sense that the Universe seems to be conspiring to bring the right people together.

The two of Cups also indicates a balancing, balanced relationships certainly, but more importantly perhaps, balanced perspectives, fair play, transactions that benefit both sides equally.... and I would also say that issues of imbalances will come to the fore in the next period and those unbalanced relationships will be challenged to level the playing field - or get out of the game.

You can expect some fun around Halloween this year, a good time for parties. This month seems to offer something of a reprieve from some of the stresses that have affected us this year, Enjoy!

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Danielle, You were right! M. got a call today with a job offer for the office near me! Thanks, You are the best! Dee

Thanks, as always for an interesting and usually very prophetic reading.......Kathy

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Hi Carmen, Wow, for free association that was amazing and very accurate! WOW!! Thanks, Natalie

Dear Francine, That is an amazing reading. I will read it many times to imbibe its spirit! Thank You very much. Warm Regards Patrick

Thank you so much Lisa. Your reading provided me with much comfort. This reading has made me feel more empowered and I am remembering to take it one day at a time and continue to move forward. I will keep you updated on what the next few weeks are like and thank you again. Tamara

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My reading was spot-on! I really appreciate it!!! Thank-you so much!! :) Love, Chantelle

Lisa, I don't know how to thank you for your support and all the kind and warm words you wrote to me. lots of love, Maja

Danielle, Wow...again you have blown my mind with how this resonates with what feels to be so much truth. You are amazing. xo Robin

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Cherie, Thank you so much for your profound reading. Thanks to the reading, I 'm
decided to start seeking what I am and what I want to speak my truth. Thank you ... Sanae

I will tell you, your reading was pretty dead on. I'm really hoping I will see the last part of the equation come true. I feel lucky to find Global Psychics and you too Karen, wishing you the best too, Sincerely, Kathy  

"Predictions were spot on."  Maria G

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