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In addition to being the author, administrator and webmaster of Global Psychics and Love Psychics sites, and managing all aspects of marketing and customer service, Danielle is the psychic most in demand for readings. Known for being straightforward, even blunt in her readings, Danielle brings a great deal of old wisdom and practical magic to her work.  Although she has been reading for people for some 30 years, she is also skilled as a pet psychic.  And she is an able medium. Because of the breadth of her experience and knowledge, Danielle  backs up all of our teams, filling in where needed, whether with a love reading, dream interpretations or pet or past life readings.

The Global Psychics Team, Our Expert Readers


Anatara, Angelic Counsel

The Angels are ever ready to share their perspective, love and insight with you. Together we will enter into dialogue with them.

"The effects of the sessions are so life altering and gentle that I would mortgage my house to continue this program if I had to."

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Anthony, Spiritual Medium, Teacher, Past Life Readings

I have seen how past life readings can change a persons life , and  how changing our perspective will open a door to hope and healing. I am so lucky and blessed to be able to help people in this way and work with spirit.

"Fascinating, insightful, thought provoking just AMAZING reading"

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Cate Cavenagh, Psychic, Card Reader, Medium, Author

Cate is an adept at card readings, a conscious medium, spiritualist and Wiccan Witch

Hablo espanol y soy espiritista! Leo barajas, hago interpretaciones de suenos y puedo decirse de sus vidas pasados. Puedo ayudarse con sus problemas! Vaya con Dios! Descubre su camino!  

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Cherie, Psychic/Tarot Reader
and Ordained Priestess

Cherie is able to hear and communicate with a person's Spirit Guides and Guardians to help one with core issues, patterns and subconscious blocks.  Cherie goes directly to current and longstanding life themes. Getting to the "heart of the matter" you can have clarity and confirmation of the past, present and future.

"uncanny insight"

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Karen, Psychic Medium, Empath
Runes, and Tarot Angel Card Readings

"Your reading brought a tear to my eye. It really hit things on the head about my life.  You were right on about everything.  Thank you so much ((hug))"

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Lisa Caza, Empathic Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient,
Relationship Counselor & Family Social Worker (B.A., S.S.W.)

"A blessing in disguise always to have a reading with such a warm, loving and caring reader. I would recommend her to anyone, definitely a five-star lady".Tracy. : ) 

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Marie, Reader, Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Counsellor

"Don't you wish you could find a person with a metaphysical mind, a psychologist's knowledge, an accurate psychic, and the insight to weave this informaton together and convey it to you just like your most favorite teacher ever? Please meet Marie Feuer. **Dr. K , Chiropractor, Neuromodulation in Los Angeles"

Numerology Life Path Charts
Health and Wellness Readings
Osho Zen Card readings
Sacred Path Native American Cards Readings
Conflict resolution

Matt DiLorenzo, Medical Intuitive, Distance Healing, External Energy Removal

Chronic Pain Management, Pain Relief and Healing Enhancement

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Michael, Numerologist

I've got your number! Insights, guidance and direction from your birth date and birth name.

"Superb - amazing - uncanny - most of all GREAT!!!!!!!! My basic personality was spot on- right down to the things I don't like to admit (lol), and this year being a major lesson for me, well wow.....nobody except my husband knows what trials I've been through this year!!!"

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Owen James, Medical Intuitive, Psychotherapist

"Years of working in psychic healing groups and individually with patients, forced a desire to see the person as a totality of physical, emotional and spiritual reality. Through many years of work as a psychotherapist, I saw how our past often holds us bound to repeat the same patterns, as if they were programmed."

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Phil Reckard, Astrologer, Psychic, Reluctant Shaman

"I am an intuitive, spiritual, and experiential astrologer who offers practical advice for how to successfully maneuver through life transits. I see astrology as a recognition of the Divine within us all, and it shows us that all things are connected."

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Sharon, Psychic, Medium

"There is no greater gift in life than helping others."

"It's a wonderous moment when a client has that inner click, almost like, at that moment, they give themselves permission to move forward on whatever has them stuck. There is no greater gift in life than helping others. "

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Shelly Stokes, Spirit Drawings, Psychic, Clairvoyant

WOW!!!! I'm breathless...! Cynthia

I just wanted to mention what a really special  drawing and message it was I recieved earlier this week.  It's all  been very meaningful to me
. So, thank you again Shelly for your wonderful drawing. Abbey

See Danielle's Spirit Guides Here
See a the Girl At the Window Here!
See the Mockbeggar Haunting Picture Here!

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Teresa, Name Readings, Tarot

This Spiritual Insight into your Name and your Essence is a great way to get a picture of who you are so you can begin to know and believe great things for yourself.

"Awe-inspiring . As I read the words you had written my whole body tingled. I've never in my life read anything before that had that kind of effect on me. I am truly amazed and touched beyond words!!! "

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Global Psychics offers a unique service... a team reading... we'll assign two or more readers to your case to give you a a complete picture of what is going on for you and what you can do about it.. 

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How to get a Good Reading.

"Wow!  You ladies rock!!  Seriously, thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful reading - it really allowed me to gain a broader perspective, helped me to re-establish my equilibrium so I could at least think with some objectivity!

You both have delivered wonderfully.  Global Psychics has a client for life here!  Truly, this is such a beautiful service that you all offer, and your strong sense of ethics are clearly evident - which is greatly appreciated.  Much love and blessing to you both and the entire Global Psychics team," Buffy

I've come to realize that if I had not spoken to you, and if you did not give me the message you did the WAY you did, I would never have stopped to even consider a different direction.  I see now that sometimes certain things need to be said in order to bring about a greater good, a better outcome from the path we are currently travelling. You have empowered me... I was forced to really awaken my own intuition, and to listen carefully to my own thoughts and feelings.  I'm really beginning to discover who I am. Bless you." Amy

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